Food are laid in the middle of long banquet tables, allowing maximum interaction among guests. Just like a big
family dinner, dishes are shared and passed around while having a relaxed conversation.
This service allows a large number of guests to be served in a short period of time.

The Country Farmhouse Menu

$52.00 per person

  • Slow cooked lamb shoulder with minted pea puree

  • Lemon and thyme roasted whole chicken with chicken gravy

  • Beer-battered local fish fillet with garlic and chive aioli

  • Rosemary-roasted potatoes

  • Honey-roasted carrots

  • Quinoa, black bean and feta salad

  • Tomato, bocconcini and fresh basil salad with balsamic dressing

  • Fresh bread rolls with cultured butter

The Southern-style Menu

$52.00 per person

  • Low and slow smoked beef brisket

  • Southern-fried chicken

  • Lamb meat balls in harissa tomato with mint yogurt

  • Spiced potatoes topped with crème fraiche

  • Grilled Mexican sweet corn

  • Artichoke gratin

  • Sweet potato, almond, feta and baby spinach salad

  • Corn bread and white bread

  • House made pickles, BBQ sauce and hot sauce

The International

$57.00 per person

  • Braised beef shin in red wine gravy

  • Pan-fried gnocchi with mushrooms, walnuts, Swiss chard and truffle oil

  • Charcoal-grilled Peri-peri chicken

  • Crispy-fried cuttlefish with lemon and caper salsa verde

  • Grilled asparagus with pecorino

  • Toasted freekeh, wild rockets and goat’s curd salad

  • Roasted cauliflower, crispy spiced chickpeas and minted labneh salad

  • Grilled polenta

  • Roasted baby beets

  • Crusty bread and cultured butter

Stand-up Menu

Becoming popular at weddings as it makes for a great party atmosphere; where guests can move around and interact with everyone. Guests are not held back by prearranged seats, promoting social exchange between long-lost friends
and endearing relatives.

$35.00 per person

Choose five items from the list below. Individual portions are walked around your event by our wait staff on large platters. Guests may grab a dish or two as it passes by without stopping the lively banter.

Po Boys And Buns

    • Skirt Steak Po Boy

with chimichurri and fresh tomato salsa

    • Blackened Fish Po Boy

with green onion mayo and wild rocket

    • Fried Shrimp Po Boy

with chipotle aioli and green leaves

    • Slow-cooked Pulled Pork Po Boy

in apple cider with apple slaw

    • Southern Fried Chicken Po Boy

with fresh slaw, Frank’s red hot and side pickles

    • Smoked Brisket Slider

with spicy BBQ sauce, slaw and brioche

    • Mini Cheese Burger

with brioche, pickle and chipotle ketchup


    • Char Grilled Mexican Chorizo

with lemons and crusty bread

    • Pulled Beef Quesadilla

with fresh tomato salsa and coriander

    • Fried Fish Taco

with light slaw, Baja sauce and Pico de Gallo

    • Nachos Chili Con Carne

corn chips with melted cheese, salsa roja and sour cream

    • Hard Tacos

with refried beans, grilled corn, feta and pickled red onions

    • Slowcooked Pork Taco

with salsa negra and grilled pineapple

    • Chargrilled Chicken Taco

with tomatillo salsa and pickled red cabbage


    • Cali Bowl

quinoa, avocado, fried chickpeas, chili pumpkin and lemon kale

    • Brown Rice Bowl

with black beans, sweet potato, fresh salsa and pickled vegetables

    • Grilled Street Corn Salad

with crème fraiche, feta cheese, spices and lime

Fried – bites

    • Smoked Salmon Croquette

with dill crème fraiche

    • Salt and Three Pepper Squid

with wasabi-lime mayonnaise

    • Mushroom Arancini

with chipotle aioli

    • Beer-battered Fish n’ Chips

with lemon and chive mayonnaise

    • Fried Mac ‘n Cheese

pumpkin and sage mac ’n cheese, crumbled and fried

Chips n’ Tings

    • Dirty Fries

– with smoked brisket ends, chipotle BBQ, feta and Mexican cheese

    • Hog Town Poutine

hand cut fries, cheese curds with smoked pulled pork and rich gravy

    • Chili Beef Poutine

hand cut fries, chili beef, cheese curds, rich gravy and sour cream